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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 2, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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please always remember, the spin, right here, looking out for you. >> the feud of the front runners has officially kicked off as we're now one month away from the iowa caucuses. i'm standing in for sean. with both newt gingrich and mitt romney at the top of the polls, the two campaigns have started to exchange jabs and that's likely to continue down the home stretch. according to newt gingrich this infighting is nothing but an exercise in futility. listen to this. >> i will be the nominee. it's hard to look at the recent poll and think the odds i'm
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going to be the nominee. i don't object if people want to attack me. that's their right. but people are going to get sick of it fast, and the guys that attack each other, every single one has lost ground by attacking >> now take a look. >> there's this funny thing in america, it's called an election. you have to win the election, and you have to get out and campaign, see the people, shake their hands. self-agranddiesing statements about polls are not going to win elections. >> earlier today, herman cain said he would make a major announcement about his campaign tomorrow. >> tomorrow in atlanta, i will be making an announcement. but nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely. that all there is to that. so tomorrow we're going to be opening our headquarters in
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northwest georgia, where we will always clarify -- there's that word again -- clarify exactly what the next steps are. >> joining me now with some predictions on how the next few days will pan out, are the founder of the dayily color, tucker karlson, and steve mcman. thank you for being here. >> tucker, let me start with you. the polls start newt gingrich with a commanding lead, and in new hampshire, where romney has a lead, that lead has been cut to 10 points. do you think that mitt romney is going to himself, i cannot believe i'm losing to another older capitol hill guy with white hair? >> i think at some point his feelings are going to get hurt when he looks out and sees the republican primary electorate rejecting him case after case. it's pretty bold of newt gingrich, who two months ago was
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an afterthought, the butt of jokes, and to be declaring himself a front runner, saying, don't bother to run against me because i'm going to be the nominee. but you know what? he may be right. if there was any year where an insurgent campaign like this, underfunded, understaffed, guy with a lot of baggage, to come from behind and win, this is the year. if i were mitt romney, i'd be very concerned. >> do you think that the romney camp is experiencing the tonic they didn't have with the other candidates. >> they're responding in a predictable and smart way. their tact has been let the minor candidates eat one out, from donald trump to michele bureaucratman bachmann, they need to engage with newt gingrich and they are. the question is, can newt hold this together for the necessary
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five weeks to win this. i think he can. >> steve, i'm interested in your perspective from the democrat point of view on newt gingrich. now known as the new comeback kid, and in 1992, you democrats had your own comeback kid so miracles can happen. from your perspective, what do you see is going on here with newt and his rise? >> i think it's real interesting. it's actually not very dissimilar to what happened four years ago with john mccain, who was left for dead. his entire staff left him for ted, and then he rose week a phoenix and won the nomination. newt gingrich has a similar experience when his staff left and joined the perry campaign. newt gingrich is the most interesting candidate on the republican side. he is hyperbolic but he is smart and interesting and passionate, and he will be difficult for mitt romney to stop.
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romney says gingrich has to work for this. romney should listen to his own limit he has to work for this. he is behind in iowa, south carolina, and florida, and he is clinging to a lead in new hampshire but it's slipping away quickly. >> steve so many democrats say they would love to have president obama run against newt gingrich. aren't you just at david about sending president obama into a debate with gingrich. >> i think terrified is a little strong. look at new hampshire, which is a great example of a swing state. the bushes carried it. john kerry carried it by one opinion. barack obama carried it. in new hampshire, if the general election were held today, mitt romney would beat the president by three points, newt gingrich would lose by 12. there's no quit newt gingrich is a very smart man, passion in, feels strongly but the republicans love him.
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the independents don't feel that way about him. the debates would be interesting and he will be well-prepared and will give the president a great debate. i don't think the country is where newt gingrich and is he's carrying a lot of baggage that hasn't been brought into the conversation, and you can be assured it will. >> didn't we hear similar line office arguments from democrats in 199 and 1980, they were chomping at the bit to run against the former governor of california, ronald reagan? >> i don't know. i got to be honest with you, i hear republicans voicing privately in washington, where voicely newt has been a fixture for men areas -- voicing concern about his self-discipline. people change, grow, evolve. but there's something real in there. that said, he is clearly the most interesting person to run for president in a long time. republicans are itching to see him up against obama in a debate. how much do the debates matter? that's another question entirely
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but there's clearly a profound psychic satisfaction for conservatives, thinking about what newt would do to president obama in a debate. i think he would man handle him. obama is not a great debater. he is not as smart as people say he is. >> very quick answer from both of you, tucker, herman cain money are may not get out. he is gravely wounded either way. where does his support go? >> clearly to gingrich. he is the alternative to romney. >> steve? >> know, absolutely. if you look at the numbers, gingrich is the second choice by three to one of cain supporters. romney needs cain to stay in. >> thank you for you insights. nobody has voted yet, and the voters have a way of surprising all of us so see you in a month when voting actually starts. >> why the new jobs numbers may look good on paper, are really a dark cloud for the american
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>> new jobs numbers release educate a very mixed message for the american economy. according to the labor
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department the unemployment rate has dropped sharply from 9's to 8's 6%. the lowest level in more than two years, a feat for which president obama wasted no time taking credit. >> this morning, we learned our economy added another 140,000 private sector jobs in november. the unemployment rate went down, and despite some strong head winds this year, the american economy has now created in the private sector jobs for the past 21 months in a row. >> but maybe the president should hold off on the celebration, since the seemingly positive numbers aren't really good news at all. the main reason for the drop appears to be the drastically shrinking labor force, more than 300,000 people have given up and stopped looking for work, and while 120,000 new jobs were added, economists say that is a fairly weak number relatively speaking. john boehner responded to the report by stating, quote, the
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jobless rate in this country is still unacceptable. today marks the 34th 34th consecutive month of up employment above 8%. as you may remember the obama administration promised unemployment would stay below 8% if the stimulus was was enacted. that has gone unfulfilled. joining me is charles and fox news contributor den anyone pierllly. unemployment, 8.6%. 120,000 jobs created last month, but 50,000 of those are simply seasonal for the holidays, and we have 300,000 people saying, i give up, and last week, jobless claims picked back up, over 400,000. >> we should point out, you notice how the president takes credit when the unemployment rate goes up and there's a good chance the unemployment rate is going up when the people are out of the work force -- the work
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force shrank, a smaller unemployment because of a smaller work force. when people come back in the work fierce, say the economy gets better than the 2.1% growth we have right now -- unemployment is going to go up and that's the problem. there's a good chance in the middle of next year, you could have 9% unemployment again because the bottom line is there's an art to reading this stuff. it involves also how big is the work force and the work force shrank here. >> on that point, if the labor participation were today the same as it was the day obama was sworn in, that unemployment rate would be 11%. so there's a lot of smoke and mirrors here. >> i see excessive celebration going on here where the numbers are just way too high. one of the barriers that we have to be concerned about is the fact that obama has a war on fossil fuels. he is pushing renewable, the
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clean energy industry we know it cannot stand on its own. the stimulus didn't work. we know that, we have a shovel are-ready project, canada to texas, the keystone pipeline. over 20,000 jobs, revenue for the government. and it's privately funded. what is wrong with -- he won't do it. >> when we look at the jobs picture and these numbers, you think about the reagan recovery in the 1980s. we were creating between 305 and 500 how to new jobs a month. we're nowhere near that. >> this is really scary, and if you really look at what he said in selling the stimulus package, the trillion dollar -- many trillions -- back in 2009, he said was -- read the numbers -- unemployment should be well below 8% now. should be maybe heading toward 7% right now. and that's the real failure here. none of it really worked. he even concedes, there was no
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shovel-ready involved in projects, simply a transfer of money to the states, the states kept the unions fat and happy, spend all their money on pension costs, and it's really interesting, it's about green jobs, which don't produce any jobs. many solyndras, not a lot of jobs. >> that's why we're talking about political acts, not economic acts. this is about social engineering and the economy. >> absolutely right. command and control of health care to energy. and he is looking out for his crony capitalist friend bought ge -- his jobs panel. what kind of a slice is he giving him. using his tax dollars to prop up his business and we're losing out. >> you look at the advisors. i know justin -- i used to work with him at cnbc, a very nice
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man but not the type of guy -- they create more jobs the china than they do here, and let's lay it on the line. jon corzine, former new jersey governor, former senator, he was on the list be treasurery secretary. if you have that kind of bench, you know what you're going to get. >> we talked about the reagan recovery. he cut taxes, ringed in regulations, the exact opposite proven president obama has done. we had a half million jobs but we had economic growth rate of 7, 8, 9%. now he has anemic economic growth. >> it's common sense you. tut taxes, cut the regulation. one of the things the epa is doing which is driving up energy costs, we have concerns about our electricity being reliable on the grid. and they're waving the red flag. we have the -- i'm sorry.
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republicans need to take some blame here. let's be honest. we wring our hands busy -- hands about cutting. where is the growth agenda? i'd like to see newt gingrich or romney step up and put out a growth agenda plan. >> the two front runners in the g.o.p. race, romney and gingrich, put out significant plans and they need to be talk about more aggressively. i totally agree with you. it's not just about austerity and cutting spending. >> good to see you guys. thank you. >> coming up, kentucky senator rand paul is their explain why he didn't support the defense reauthorization bill, and we'll get his reaction to his confrontation with senator john mccain. >> and later, with only 31 dayss to go until the iowa caucuses, newt gingrich appears to be the man to beat. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift,
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>> last night the senate voted 93-7 for a defense bill that contains a controversial provision which relates to the military. earlier this week, senators rand paul and john mccain had a
6:23 pm
heated exchange on the senate floor of the provision. >> legislation would arm the military with the authority to detain indefinitely without due process people suspected of an association with terrorism. these would include american citizens. apprehended on american soil. should we err today and row move some of the most important checks on state proper in the name of fighting terrorism? then the terrorist won. >> facts are 27% of those who have been released have been back in the fight. that's a fact. >> in fact, the senator from kentucky wants to have a situation prevail where people are released and go back in the fight and kill americans. he's right, he is entitled to that opinion. >> rand paul is one of the sentence senators who voted against the bill and i spoke to him earlier today. >> senator, good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. i don't really see you.
6:24 pm
good hear from you. >> i can see you, senator. >> all right. >> at the center of this debate is the mccain levin amendment to the defense authorization bill passed last night. you voted against it. from my reading of this, sir, there's nothing in here that changes the wartime rights of american citizens. in other words, if you fight with and for the enemy, then you may be treated like the enemy. oregon, -- on the other hand, if you have no connection to the enemy you well have all the rights in the civil justice system elm what's your problem with this? >> the real question is -- i asked senator mccain this -- could a u.s. citizen be accused of a crime in the united states and be taken and put into
6:25 pm
gaughan tan know bay indefinitely and the answer was yes. >> it looks like they carved out an exemption for american citizen and says combatants must be detained by the military under the law does not extend to citizens of the united states so that the provision of the commander-in-chief may do it but he is not required to do it. >> that's in section 10.32. there are two different sections. one has to do with military custody, and there also may be some problems. there's an act called the posse comotatos which says u.s. troops shouldn't be used on the mainland and against the stewart if there's a state crime, the state police take care of it. you're not supposed to have military troops coming in, and we're afraid section 10.32 me a violate this act.
6:26 pm
>> senator, is there something in here you find too broad? when i was reading it, seems like the authors were specific about identifying those who might fall under this, and they say if you directly participated in the september 11th attacks or if you're involved in hostilities against the united states on behalf of al qaeda, the taliban or what they call affiliated networks, in this bill, then you would fall under it. if you're an american citizen that is not involved hostilities against the united states, you have nothing to worry about. >> well, i think there are murky circumstances where people can be accused of terrorism that it might not be so clear as to their innocence or guilt. the fbi has a warning list. some factors could be missing fingers, brightly colored stains on our bogeying, change in the color of hair, whether you buy
6:27 pm
ammunition that is weatherized, whether you have seven days of meals ready to eat in your house. i'm concerned there might be a profile for what a terrorist is, that person could be in the united states, be accused of terrorism, but there should be a trial. for example, the people that we think of, the worst people in the world, people who are pedophiles or murders, we still give trials to those people and we still have rights. so i'm afraid if a u.s. citizen here in the united states, that's accused of bag terrorist, who doesn't get a trial or due process, to decide whether he or she is a terrorist, that is important and that would be new. >> but-senator -- >> people on the battlefield -- i have no problem if you're captured -- >> go ahead. finish your point. >> i was just go to say i have no problem if your captured in afghanistan -- i don't have a problem with that. now we're talking about u.s.
6:28 pm
citizens, they're saying -- this is lindsey graham's words -- he wants the battlefield to extend to the united states. so now we're going to have a war zone in the united states where we will give up civil liberties and give up aspects of the bill of rights for u.s. citizens in the united states. i have a problem with that. >> two quick questions. didn't al qaeda extend the battlefield the united states? we didn't do that. they did that when they declared war on america and hit is on 9/11. the second point ex, isn't there ademption between criminal acts and acts of war? we're not talking about holding up the seven 11. we're talking about engaging in war against the united states? >> right there definitely is, and particularly in a battle feel overseas. we can't reed miranda rights and can't have due process if you're captured on the battlefield in afghanistan. it's different iryou're accused of being associated with terrorism and you haven't left the united states, you're in the united states, and you're being accused because you're missing fingers or you have bright
6:29 pm
colored stains on your clothes or made internet communication with people. there should be a trial to decide whether you're a terrorist or not. we shouldn't be able to lock people up in the another and send them to guantanamo bay bay indifferent enoughly without a jury trial. scalia had an important defense and says one of the most important rights is to be free of indefinite detention by the executive. we have to have due process, and the similarities are, terrorists are bad people. i want to lock them up and prevent them from attacking our country. but i don't want to give up my liberty in the process or the fights we have been fighting for six or eight hundred yesterdays. >> senator, we have to leave it there, but the supreme court upheld the right ford the government to detain american citizens if they're working against the united states in the wartime. so it's a very interesting detate.
6:30 pm
>> but they actually overturned bush because bush wanted to hold them with no legal process, and the court held that. >> military tribunals. very interesting debate, senator. thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, the iowa caucuses are right around the corner. iowa congressman steve kim is here. i'll ask him who he believes is the best candidate to take on president obama, and the great american panel is still to come. sit tight. slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in.
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>> brand new des moines register iowa poll is set to be released. one hopeful is feeling confident. speaking to a crowd of 400 iowa republicans yesterday, newt gingrich predicted he'll finish in the top to or three in the first in the nation iowa
6:35 pm
caucuses. one problem. some conservatives are concerned about the former speaker's stance on illegal immigration. inflew enshoal iowa congressmon steve king demonessed gingrichs, quote, human plan to deal with the problem as amnesty. joining me to explain what this could mean for the former speaker's chances, iowa congressman steve king. great to see you again. let's start with your taking on newt gingrich on the illegal immigration issue. in the last debate he was talking about people who were here a long time, who, after getting into the country illegally, were law-abiding once here, and he was saying we can't deport them and break up families. you're calling that a gateway to amnesty. do most iowans agree with you? >> i think they do. i didn't intend to be particularly hatch on -- harsh
6:36 pm
on his stand on am necessary. to grand amnesty is to pathway immigration lawbreakers and reward them with the objective of their crime, and there's a whole other universe larger of illegalness the united states to be addressed in a different way. i think it wasn't prudent to start with the things that would be at the end of getting the policy right rather than the beginning of getting the policy right, which is seal the border, shut off the bleeding at the border, shut off the jobs magneton sanctuary sits, and the rule of law is an essential pillar of american exceptionalism,, and let's say they would be here illegally for two or three generations. that's a very small universe and confuses the issue.
6:37 pm
>> governor rick perry in an earlier debate took a very similar line and actually used the word heartless, you be heartless, and inning inning inning was advocating the same thing. that really did hurt governor perry among conservatives. do you think it's going to hurt speaker gingrich with conservatives in iowa? >> it's taken a little of his momentum away. it appears he has a lot of momentum, but when that statement was made, it shot through the air waves almost immediately. i know from my standpoint, talked to a couple of people and said i'm concerned about that point of the illegal immigration position. and remember, newt gingrich said i'm going to defend this. this is true. we're not going deport children brought here, not of their own volition, and he is probably right on that when it comes down to that point. but it emphasized the wrong point. so i hurt his momentum some, but
6:38 pm
he has lot of momentum, if you look at the national polling, iowa wants are influenced by the national debate and influenced by face-to-face meet, and i think he has time to spend this momentum and invest it in building an organization in iowa and probably do well january 3rd. >> let's talk about the iowa polls, mitt and newt are holding strong, ron paul has serious support and a good organization in iowa. and people in iowa are liking michelle bachmann, so i'm not sure what is going shake out here. what are you hearing and seeing on the ground. >> i would ad rick sanitorium to the list. no one has worked the state harder than he is. michele bachmann has been there a lot. both of them haven't been attacked with weaknesses in their positions or in anything in their background. they have a good, solid moral approach, constitutional
6:39 pm
approaches. just haven't had the traction that some of the other candidates might have. so you can't count them out of the top two or three. and mitt romney, he has benefited from having built a really solid, well-funded, well-organizationed organization four years ago, although he hasn't maintained it. there's that foundation for him to work in. his numbers hang in that 22-23%, drift off to 15. now he seems to have made a commitment to win iowa, and looks like chris christie is going to support romney. so he could get some of that back. and gingrich's momentum has put him to the top and that is what you'll see at the register on sunday. i don't know. behind that, ron paul, solid core supporters. with we have blizzard on that night, ron paul is in position to win iowa because his people are very loyal, and michele and rick will be in play. i'm confident. >> the nations eyes are going to
6:40 pm
be on your state over the next month or so so we wish you good luck and hope to talk to you again soon. thank you, sir. >> nice to have this interview with an intentional american. >> like wise, thank you. >> time to check in with greta and see what she has on the record tonight. >> it's up and down in this crazy republican race. tonight karl rove is going to tell us the latest. senator rick sanitorium joins us, as well as donald trump. he is going to moderate a debate, and he is going to tell us all about it tonight. donald trump, the mott -- moderator of a presidential debate. >> a great lineup. the great american panel is coming up next.
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>> tonight, on our great american panel, an entrepreneur,
6:45 pm
former ceo of baja fresh, and the author of "ignite, the 12 values that that fuel billionaire success. " i'm going to be a billionaire shortly after reading this. rice? >> right. >> david kim, welcome, she an attorney and contributor to, evangeline gomez, and is known as trump's right-hand as special counsel to the trump organization. let's start with the breaking news for the trumpster. he is going to meet with newt gingrich and then moderating a debate. the man is a p.r. genius two questions, can i hire him? although i probably can't afford him. and can you give us a preview of what the meeting with newt? >> you forgot his new book is
6:46 pm
coming out as well, "time to get tough." a fabulous look and hit the book stores and amazon, really interesting, easy read but phenomenal book. as to newt gingrich, there's some substance. i don't know. it's obviously another republican candidate that's interested in donald trump's endorsement. who wouldn't want it. he is a media magnate. a big pocketbook. has recently disclosed $7 billion net worth and hey has a lot of rich friends. so helps to move the campaign forward. >> i notice you didn't answer my question whether or not i could hire him. for free. >> it would be tough. >> maybe we can negotiate. evangeline, what do you think about the debate on monday? jon huntsman said he is the only one so far who is not going to participate. the others will be there as far as i know. what kind of impact do you think this will have? >> i don't think it's going to have the impact that newt wants
6:47 pm
and that's to gain independent voters. going to be in town to kid the donald's ring but newt is an incredibly radical divisive political figure. he was fined $300,000 by the house. he was kicked out of house speaker by his own party. and he is a perennial flip-flopper. one minute he believes in global climate change, the next he doesn't. >> don't you think he has cared these criticisms well? and president barack obama has a louis vitton set of baggage. >> he is all over the map. >> the republican conservative voters are going to come out and make a decision. david, what's your view of newt gingrich's rise, meeting with the trumpster on monday? what's going on here? can he sustain momentum? >> i think he can.
6:48 pm
the young immigrants, when we look at donald trump, he has done a lot of great things for this country, and i think it's smart for newt to go in and pay a visit -- do you think that newt gingrich can sustained -- sustain the momentum? all of the candidate have problems. >> if anybody can rub shoulder with the great donald trump, anything is possible. >> there's going to be a built of a hair competition between newt and the donald. >> forget bet the hair thing. the bottom line is trump is a very important player in the g.o.p. harv has come out -- except for huntsmann. i know mr. trump has a lot of respect for jon huntsman, but he is the only one. why, i don't know. it certainly makes sense for newt to pay the visit up to trump tower. mr. trump is a very loyal
6:49 pm
friend -- if in fact he gets the endorsement of trump, it will certainly make his campaign election -- or run for presidency very easy. >> we have this debate on monday, and fox news is going to another debate on december 15th. do you think voters have debate fatigue? voters are saying let's get on with this already? i want to make a decision and cast a vote? >> not at all. the debates have been very entertaining and people look forward -- democrats and republicans alike are looking forward to the debates because it's keeping the issues out there and allowing them to make a decision. >> and it has nationalized the race earlier than we have seen in previous election years, please stand by. more with the great american panel right after the break. or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee,
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>> we continue now with our great american panel. the debate trump is moderating is december 27th. >> and it's in dem des moines, iowa. >> let's turn to the debate about extending the payroll tax cuts. republicans are arguing it should not be extended, because
6:54 pm
it's decimating social security, as if there really is a trust fund that is solvent, which is not true. and also because it's temporary. and when you extend a temporary tax cut, they're trying to do stimulus in the form of this. but when it's temporary it doesn't remove any uncertainty from the economy and doesn't stimulate anything. your thoughts. >> i'm all for people working hard to keep their money. it's not the government's money. it is our money. but i'm all for making sure that any cuts, any tax cuts, are fine, but the problem is we have to control spending, and if we can cut on spending, and instead of taxing in other areas, then we can solve this issue. the problem is we don't have leadership right now and the leadership needs to come in and guide the american public where it should be going to. the problem that i continuously see is, yes, we want to stimulate the economy and we have other ideas how to do it. but i have a very simple idea. why don't we shore up more of
6:55 pm
the banks and how the banks lend to small businesses because small business is the foundation -- >> the banks aren't loaning. >> because they're getting so many pressures from the government, and the government -- they're actually very scared that if they don't loan properly, they're going to be taken over by the government. >> do you agree? >> the issue is that most american voters, republicans and democrats alike, and small business owners, want an extension of the payroll tax cut. republicans are treading some tough waters here. if it doesn't pass they're going to feel the heat come november. >> don't you think if the republicans were smart -- a big if -- they would call the democrats' bluff and say you want an extension, let's make it permanent. remove the uncertainty from the economy and force the democrats to vote it down. >> if we would nod have hat the
6:56 pm
payroll cut last year we would have been in a deeper recession. >> but this uncertainty. >> i'm not buying it. the problem is republicans and democrats must get together and have to make a deal. they have to have leadership that can get them to negotiate, come to the table and put together something that makes sense to the american people. another thing trump talks about is, why are we constantly attacking and looting social security? you should tax china. tax chinese products that are coming into america at 25%. >> a trade war. >> it's not a trade war. question we hold all the cards. if you listen to what trump is saying -- it's not a trade war. they need america to buy their products. if they don't, they fall down. we -- not a trade war. we need fair trade, not free trade. fair trade. >> the great thing about the extension of the payroll tax cut, it will put more disposable
6:57 pm
income in american households which will then lead to consumer spending. >> so let's make it person. if the'mans are smart -- >> the extra money that's going into your pocket is being taxed anyway. >> we talk about the payroll tax cut, and stimulus, it's all just patchwork. this is all just band-aids on the bigger problem. you got to cut spending, ring reign in government and put in a pro growth agenda. >> the leadership doesn't want to deal with these issues and keep kicking the dan -- can down the road. we need somebody to come and say, enough is enough. we can't keep printing our problems -- printing money to get out of these problems. and nobody wants to talk about the spending cuts. everybody wants to just keep printing here, and we're going to eventually run into problems. >> we're seeing that in western europe right now with the huge
6:58 pm
debt implosion. you cannot continue on, and when the united states implodes it's going to make western europe look like child's play. >> we're not going to have that problem near this country. what's interesting is when bush made his first tax cuts you didn't hear the republicans saying, where are we going to get the money for these tax cuts and we need to cut spending here and there. now it becomes an issue when it comes to working and middle class families, it now becomes an issue of, we need to cut spend can. >> well, we do need to cut spending. >> where do we want to cut spending from? from the defense. the one thing in this world right now that is totally uncertain is our security. and that's the one thing they want to attack here. i don't understand as president. i don't understand our leaders. they're not leading. what they're doing is they're doing exactly what david said. they're kicking the can. here's the problem. there's a world now and they can't hit the wall, and it's our children and grandchildren that are going to suffer.
6:59 pm
>> they have to have the conviction -- if they love america, they should make the hard decision for the next generation. >> think both parties are going to do that by the end of december. >> are you holding your breath on that? >> i'm not. >> we'll see about that. quickly, the other big debate in front of the congress right now is the debate over extending unemployment benefits yet again. we have this unemployment picture today. a mixed bag. a lowering of the formal unemployment rate, but still so many people are dropping out. what kind of pressure do you think is going to be on congress to extend unemployment benefits again, david? >> well, again, we're becoming a state of entitlements and that's becoming an issue here and at what point do we say -- when do we stop? and a certain point we have to stop that. >> that's exactly the question. david, evangeline. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> that's all the time we have left this evening, sean is back on monday. thank you so much for being with


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